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While amateur Radio can be a fun hobby it is also a useful tool to serve our community.  As you can see on the list below, our club does this by providing communications for various community parades, runs, walks, and other activities.  There is a learning curve, a helping phase and event participation.  It is good experience whether you are doing Net Control, out on the parade route or working a race.  Changing frequencies on your radio in a hurry, working with police, helping a downed walker, giving directions and making sure that safety is maintained along the route, which you are working, become much easier with every event in which you participate. 


We have always been active in community events and I would like to point out a few of the criteria for working the different types of events.


1.   There will be a coordinator for each event and they will designate where each volunteer will be stationed and will be available to answer any questions should any arise.

2.   A working handheld VHF radio and/or a mobile radio, if required.  Always have a manual for the radio(s) you are using.  Have an extra battery(s) for your handheld and a watch for check in times.  You will be advised of the frequency and alternate frequency that will be used for the event.

3.   Correct clothing – Rain gear, hat, sun block, warm clothing that is layered, comfortable shoes, gloves and our club safety vest.

4.   Don’t forget a folding chair if you are going to be on a route.  Always have a bottle of water and some munchies. 

5.   Murphy’s Law is always lurking so be alert and ready for any last minute changes.

6.   As members of the CCARC, we are working with many different community groups and they depend on us to do our job in a professional manner.


To learn more, or to schedule an activity,

contact the club coordinator at .





CCARC Club Event and Club Activity Coordinators


If you are responsible to plan an event or other activity for the club, there is a form provided for you to fill out.  It will be used by several people including the PIO, Newsletter Editor, Webpage Maintainers and others to promote your activity.  Submit the completed forms below to our PIO in person or email to


CCARC Event Planning Form:    Adobe pdf      Adobe Fillable pdf      MS Word


CCARC Public Event Materials Request Form: Adobe pdf      Adobe Fillable pdf      MS Word




Gee Creek I-5 Safety Rest Stop


This is a CCARC service project that supports travelers several times a year with a safety stop.  Coffee, tea, cookies other treats await the weary travelers of I-5.


CCARC volunteer radio operators are needed to provide communications for the event.


For more information, email





CCARC Annual Banquet


This annual event is where were we recognize the contributions of the membership for the last year and install the new lineup of Officers and Board of Directors for the new year.


All members are encouraged to attend.


For more information, email





Walk MS Vancouver


Walk MS Vancouver is a 5K walk sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oregon Chapter. The event will start in Esther Short Park and follow a path along Columbia Way.


CCARC volunteer radio operators are needed to provide communications for the event.


For more information, email






Hazel Dell Parade of Bands


The parade was first launched after area schools approached local businesses looking for an opportunity for school band kids to march in something besides football games. 


In 1964, the first parade launched with about 12 local bands and 60 other entries. By the 1980s, it had grown to about 20 local bands and 120 entries. And today, it has about 27 bands and 145 entries,


In 1964, nine bands signed up to play to a crowd of about 8,000 spectators.  In 2014 there were an estimated 25,000 spectators.


CCARC volunteer radio operators are needed annually to provide communications for the event.



For more information, email







CCARC is the co-sponsor of the annual SEA-PAC Ham Convention and ARRL NW Division Convention at the Seaside Convention Center on the beautiful Northwest ocean beach in Seaside, Oregon. 


Each year attendees enjoy numerous commercial  exhibits, a giant flea market, several workshops, many interesting seminars, DX & YL luncheons, VE testing and a Saturday evening banquet with distinguished speakers and entertainment.


CCARC members are highly encouraged to support this important event in all areas.  Typical areas we support are security, seminars, administration and others. 


For more information, email or call (503) 882-7388.




CCARC Field Day


For more information about our annual Field Day, click here.


For even more information, email




Harvest Nights Car Cruise


For more information, email




Harvest Hay Half Marathon


For more information, email




(2nd Weekend)

CCARC Annual Club Picnic


The second weekend exception is for SEA-PAC.

The annual club picnic is held in lieu of the August general meeting.


All members are encouraged to attend.



For more information, email




CCARC Annual Ham Fair


For more information about our annual Ham Fair, click here.


For even more information, email   




North County Wine Run


The annual North County Wine Run is set in the heart of beautiful North Clark County, Washington. The race begins and ends at Battle Ground Village, at the east end of town. Along paved country roads the route highlights the gorgeous scenery of North Clark County, taking in the breath-taking views of Mt. St. Helens, Battle Ground Lake, and rural landscapes, with water/aid stations every two miles.   There is a four hour time limit to complete the course.


CCARC volunteer radio operators are needed annually to provide communications for the event.


For more information, email





Veteran’s Day Parade at Ft Vancouver


Since 1986, Vancouver has honored America’s veterans with this annual Department of Veteran Affairs sanctioned parade.  This year it is presented by the Lough Legacy, Creekside Mortgage and Alpha Ecological Pest Control.  The parade starts with a salute fired by Howitzer cannons from the Parade Ground of the Fort Vancouver National Site.  More than 100 military, veteran and civic organizations and 2,500 individuals participate in the parade. 


CCARC volunteer radio operators are needed annually to provide communications for the event.  Volunteer to support one of the largest veterans parades on the West coast.


CCARC Volunteer Roster

Parade Flyer

Parade Route


 For more information, email





Clark County Walk & Knock


Plan to volunteer for this major annual event for the CCARC held on tghe 1st weekend in December.  The Club encourages all operators to sign-up. This is a worthwhile Organization that looks forward to the CCARC services every year.


Here is some information about Walk & Knock:  The  Interservice  Walk & Knock Food Drive is a registered 501c (3) non-profit organization that serves Clark County by soliciting charitable donations of food, supplies and money, which in turn are given to the Clark County food banks for providing food to needy individuals within our community.


The members of Walk & Knock include local Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary and Optimist clubs, members of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, and adult leaders of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Its members fund Walk & Knock by donating an annual fee of $200 per organization. This pays for items such as insurance, postage and stationery, and other items as required by law.


Most of the needed supplies and services are donated, and advertising is paid for by corporate and private sponsors. No public funds are used for anything other than for the purchase of food. Walk & Knock is 100% privately funded.


For more information, send an email to .





6 Meter Repeater
(tone 94.8) Yacolt

(Note: 6M Offset is -1.700)

2 Meter Repeater
  147.24+ (94.8) Livingston

125 cm Repeater
  224.36- (94.8) Livingston

70 cm Repeaters
  443.125+ (94.8) Yacolt

  443.825+ (94.8) Mem Hosp

  443.900+ (94.8) Larch   

  443.925+ (94.8) Livingston

23 cm Repeater
  1292.50- (94.8) Livingston



The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service


Contact us today and join us at a meeting!


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