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The following CCARC awards recognize deserving individuals for achievement or the accomplishment of service to the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, the amateur radio hobby, or to our community.  


Below is an explanation of many of the awards and a link to see the recipients. To see a complete listing of membership recognition awards, CLICK HERE. 


If you feel an individual is a candidate for recognition of any of these awards, contact the club awards committee at and provide the details.



Lloyd Stromgren Award


The Lloyd Stromgren Award was established in 1986 to honor the person who typifies the ‘Amateur Radio Operator of the Year’.  This award is difficult to measure as so many people are doing many varied and diversified activities in the field of amateur radio and in our club's operations.  Lloyd Stromgren was a US Army Colonel who first came to Vancouver as OIC of the Vancouver Barracks and upon retirement was very active in city and civic affairs.  As the Mayor of the city of Vancouver in 1972, he got interested in ham radio, got licensed as N7BEY and was very active in our club activities.  He was a president of the CCARC and an area governor of Toastmasters and was a cartographer by specialty.  Lloyd served many years on the Clark County Planning Commission. He was also a member of the East Vancouver United Methodist Church.


The Lloyd Stromgren Amateur Radio Operator of the Year Award is awarded annually to the CCARC Ham Radio Operator of the Year.



To see the recipients of the Lloyd Stromgren Award, click here. 



Sparky Sherman Community Service Award


The Robert "Sparky" Sherman Community Service Award was established in 1982 in memory of Sparky Sherman, W7EEA. It was developed to give recognition to members of our group who were distinctive in ·Community Service".  The Clark County Amateur Radio Club instituted this award in 1982 to recognize Sparky. For years ·Sparky· was the most visible ham in the vicinity, and many were enriched by knowing him.  Sparky was a very colorful non-sighted amateur radio operator. He was a music instructor at the Washington State School for the Blind.  He was very active in the Lions Club and other civic activities.


Upon his death, the club instituted the award and gave it posthumously In his name as the CCARC's annual community service award.  Since that time, the person selected was usually a person very active in community service events that benefitted the community even outside the realm of ham radio.


The Sparky Sherman Community Service Award is awarded annually to the amateur radio operator making the most significant contribution to public service.


To see the recipients of the Sparky Sherman Award, click here.



CCARC Ames Cornerstone Award


Established in 2018, The “CCARC Ames Cornerstone Award” recognizes a member that has clearly contributed well over and above expectations during the tenure of their membership. The CCARC Ames Cornerstone Award was established in 2018 in memory of Ron Ames, N7SRT (SK). The award recognizes a member’s many years of service, hard work and dedication to the purpose and mission of the club. It takes good people to make good organization.  Ron Ames and the recipients of this award exemplify this in establishing the foundation for the CCARC.    
Mandatory requirements:

  • Membership minimum of 20 years (2 decades)
  • Consistent participation in a variety of club activities over the long term
  • Held two or more officer, director or other key leadership positions with integrity
  • Strong advocate for the club and its purpose
  • Demonstrated superior leadership
  • Active in one or more other volunteer community service groups


To see the recipients of the CCARC Ames Cornerstone Award, click here 



The ‘Extra Mile’ Award


Established in 2008, this award is given to a member of the club in good standing who has received both the Robert ‘Sparky’ Sherman and Lloyd Stromgren awards above and demonstrates a long term positive leadership example to other members in support of the club and its activities.  


To see the recipients of the Extra Mile Award, click here. 



CCARC President’s Award


Established in 2009, this award can be granted at any time by the current president to a person or organization that has contributed significantly to the Clark County Amateur Radio Club and its operation. 


To see the recipients of the President’s Award, click here. 




CCARC Board of Director’s Leadership Award


Established in 2013, this award recognizes superior leadership attributes demonstrated by any member of the club.  The award is intended to demonstrate that the club values superior leadership in its many activities and management.  Achievements by individuals recognized significantly enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club and its operation.


To see the recipients of the Board of Director’s Leadership Award, click here. 


Elmer of the Year


The Elmer program was started to provide assistance by club members to hams who need help with the many aspects of amateur radio and to mentor new hams.  The Elmer of the Year award was created in 2008 to recognize a member of our Elmer’s group who has made a significant contribution to the Elmer program by consistently helping others with answers to questions, solutions to problems, and who exemplifies the qualities of a mentor, or Elmer.


In 2016 the club Elmer recognition program transitioned to the ARRL Elmer Award website resource. Members that want to recognize someone that has been an Elmer to them can go to and have an attractive certificate provided.

To see the recipients of past Elmer of the Year Awards, click here.



6 Meter Repeater
(tone 94.8) Yacolt

(Note: 6M Offset is -1.700)

2 Meter Repeater
  147.24+ (94.8) Livingston

125 cm Repeater
  224.36- (94.8) Livingston

70 cm Repeaters
  443.125+ (94.8) Yacolt

  443.825+ (94.8) Mem Hosp

  443.900+ (94.8) Larch   

  443.925+ (94.8) Livingston

23 cm Repeater
  1292.50- (94.8) Livingston


The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service


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