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PACKET, Winlink 2000, APRS, HSMM-MESH, HamWan, DSTAR, DMR, C4FM & more!



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December - No meeting

 The CCARC/CCARES Digital Group

usually meets the 3rd Saturday of the month at the







9:30 AM till noon





Questions or comments can be sent to .



Hope to see you there!




Interested in learning about D-STAR?


Mike/KB7WUK, one of the pioneers in making D-STAR operational in the Portland/Vancouver area, made an excellent presentation on the D-STAR system on 19 Nov 2016 to include how to use our new local K7CLL D-STAR Gateway that he brought on-line for us on our 440.0125+ D-STAR repeater on Larch Mtn. Mike is our SYSOP for the Gateway.


Click here for the presentation and click here for the handout



We usually have a digital radio station of some sort at every meeting so you can see one in action.

New modes are always welcome.

Club digital repeaters include the W7AIA C4FM repeater on Memorial Hospital (443.825+) and the K7CLL DSTAR repeater/gateway (440.0125+).

The Clark County PACKET system is on 144.990 @ 1200 Baud & 441.060 @9600Bd

The Primary BBS located on Livingston Mtn with call sign K7CLL-8

The Backup BBS located on Goose Hill with call sign K7CLL-15


All hams are invited to use the system unless it is under ‘Emcomm’ status where it becomes dedicated to CCARES/RACES use. There are several digipeaters on 144.990 to use located throughout Clark County.

The Clark County Winlink 2000 VHF & UHF RMS locations and frequencies are:


Battle Ground K7YFJ-10:

144.920 at 1200 Baud

Battle Ground K7YFJ-11:

223.700 at 1200 Baud

Battle Ground K7YFJ-12:

441.525 at 9600 baud



East Vancouver KA7CTT-10:

144.920 at 1200 Baud

West Vancouver KB7APU-10:

144.940 at 1200 Baud



East Vancouver K7GJT-10:

144.940 at 1200 Baud

East Vancouver K7GJT-11:

223.700 at 1200 Baud


WL2K Digipeaters:


"WOODLN" up on Woodland Heights on 144.920 @ 1200 Baud

"ECLARK" on Livingston Mtn on 144.940 @ 1200 Baud

"YACOLT" on Yacolt Mtn on 223.700 @ 1200 Baud

The Clark County Digital Group is interested in a wide variety of digital modes. It is an informal group with about a dozen regular attendees.  When we meet anything goes. We mainly discuss the digital modes but but we always stray to other topics and just have a good time. We also bring digital gadgets for show and tell.

PACKET Radio:  PACKET Radio started as an HF mode in 1980 but it took a little too long in transmitting to be efficient so it evolved into PACTOR. It is the same principle in that it sends error free text messages but PACTOR does it faster and that works a whole lot better for the HF bands. PACKET Radio was also on the 144 MHz and 440 MHz bands and it has remained popular on the 144 MHz band (2 meters)

PACTOR:  Since sending error free messages is a great idea for both fun and in emergency situations, PACKET was not forgotten when PACTOR became one of the favorite digital messaging modes.

Winlink 2000:  Access to the Winlink 2000 (WL2K) system in Clark County using VHF or UHF RMS systems is done through a Winlink 2000 Radio Message Server (RMS) ‘Gateway’ station.  We have dedicated WL2K Gateways in Clark County to support Winlink operations, K7YFJ-10 (2M, 220 & 440), K7GJT-10 (2M, & 220), KA7CTT-10 (2M) and KB7APU-10 (2M).  These gateways are not connected to the Clark County 144.99 PACKET network.

Winlink is very popular with RVers and boaters and especially to ARES groups (Amateur Radio Emergency Service).  Winlink 2000 was used a lot after several major disasters.  Where Fire Dept and Police Dept phones and radios were knocked out for days,Ham Radio Operators brought in their portable emergency ham radio stations and sent emergency traffic by voice and text messages.  The Winlink system simply reaches out to where they could access the Internet and sent messages.

 This is just an overview of what the Ham Radio digital modes are doing in Clark County so to find out more come to a meeting or jump on the Internet and Google the digital mode that interests you.



6 Meter Repeater
(tone 94.8) Yacolt

(Note: 6M Offset is -1.700)

2 Meter Repeater
  147.24+ (94.8) Livingston

125 cm Repeater
  224.36- (94.8) Livingston

70 cm Repeaters
  443.125+ (94.8) Yacolt

  443.825+ (94.8) Mem Hosp

  443.925+ (94.8) Livingston

23 cm Repeater
  1292.50- (94.8) Livingston


The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service


Contact us today and join us at a meeting!

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