Clark County ARES/RACES

Clark County ARES/RACES is a group of licensed ham radio operators who have volunteered to provide emergency and disaster communications support to our community.  Members develop and maintain emergency communications skills via ongoing training and regular participation in drills and exercises.

Click for the CCARES website.

About the Clark County Digital Group

The Clark County Digital Group is interested in a wide variety of digital modes. It is an informal group with about a dozen regular attendees.  When we meet, anything goes. We mainly discuss the digital modes, but we always stray to other topics and just have a good time. We also bring digital gadgets for show and tell.

The CCARES/RACES group has two portable emergency radio stacks (4 radios mounted in a wood stand) that includes a portable PACKET radio station. We use them for emergencies and special events.

PACKET radio:  PACKET radio started as an HF mode in 1980 but it took a little too long in transmitting to be efficient so it evolved into PACTOR. It is the same principle in that it sends error free text messages but PACTOR does it faster and that works a whole lot better for the HF bands. PACKET Radio was also on the 144 MHz and 440 MHz bands and it has remained popular on the 144 MHz band (2 meters).

PACTOR:  Since sending error free messages is a great idea for both fun and in emergency situations, PACKET was not forgotten when PACTOR became one of the favorite digital messaging modes.

Winlink 2000:  Access to the Winlink 2000 (WL2K) system in Clark County using VHF or UHF RMS systems is done through a Winlink 2000 Radio Message Server (RMS) ‘Gateway’ station.  We have dedicated WL2K Gateways in Clark County to support Winlink operations, K7YFJ-10 (2M, 220 & 440), K7GJT-10 (2M, 220 & 440), KA7CTT-10 (2M) and KB7APU-10 (2M)).  These gateways are not connected to the Clark County 144.99 PACKET network.
Winlink is very popular with RVers and boaters and especially to ARES groups (Amateur Radio Emergency Service).  Winlink 2000 was used a lot after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.  Fire Dept and Police Dept phones and radios were knocked out for days but Ham Radio Operators brought in their portable emergency ham radio stations and sent emergency traffic by voice and text messages.  The Winlink system simply reached out to where they could access the Internet and sent messages from the Gulf Coast to the rest of the world.

This is just an overview of what the Ham Radio digital modes are doing in Clark County so to find out more come to a meeting or jump on the Internet and Google the digital mode that interests you.

Clark County Digital Group

PACKET, Winlink 2000, APRS, HSMM-MESH, HamWan, DSTAR, DMR, C4FM & more!

We��usually have a digital radio station of some sort at every meeting so you can see one in action. New modes are always welcome. Somewhat new to the area is Yaesu's C4FM and we have Icom's DSTAR as well.

In the area, we have one W7AIA repeater at Memorial Hospital (443.825+), and a K7CLL D-STAR repeater/gateway (440.0125+) on Larch Mtn relocating to OHSU.

The CCARC/CCARES Digital Group usually meets the 3rd Saturday of the month at

New location to be identified.

9:30 AM till noon

Questions or comments can be sent to

Hope to see you there!

2021 Meeting Dates


Interested in learning about D-STAR?

Mike/KB7WUK, one of the pioneers in making D-STAR operational in the Portland/Vancouver area, made an excellent presentation on the D-STAR system on 19 Nov 2016 to include how to use our new local K7CLL D-STAR Gateway that he brought on-line for us on our 440.0125+ D-STAR repeater on Larch Mtn. Mike is our SYSOP for the Gateway.

Click here for the presentation and click here for the handout

Clark County PACKET System

The Clark County PACKET system is on 144.990 @ 1200 baud & 441.060 @ 9600 baud.

The Primary BBS call sign is K7CLL-8
The Backup BBS call sign is K7CLL-15

All hams are invited to use the system unless it is under ‘Emcomm’ status where it becomes dedicated to CCARES/RACES use. There are several digipeaters on 144.990 to use located throughout Clark County.

Clark County Winlink System

The Clark County Winlink 2000 VHF & UHF RMS locations and frequencies are:
Battle Ground K7YFJ-10:144.920 at 1200 Baud
Battle Ground K7YFJ-11:223.700 at 1200 Baud
Battle Ground K7YFJ-12:441.525 at 9600 baud
East Vancouver KA7CTT-10:144.920 at 1200 Baud
West Vancouver KB7APU-10:144.940 at 1200 Baud
East Vancouver K7GJT-10:144.940 at 1200 Baud
East Vancouver K7GJT-11:223.700 at 1200 Baud
East Vancouver K7GJT-12:441.525 at 9600 baud

WL2K Digipeaters:
"WOODLN" up on Woodland Heights on 144.920 @ 1200 Baud
"ECLARK" on Livingston Mtn on 144.940 @ 1200 Baud
"YACOLT" on Yacolt Mtn on 223.700 @ 1200 Baud

Young Ladies (YL) Information

The YLs in CCARC are an involved group of women that have a love for Amateur Radio. We have some women in the club leadership that teach and others involved in various YL groups, from local to international.

We also have women involved in ARES/ RACES, EYEWARN, Search & Rescue, and providing communications for local community events.

Minnow Leadership photo

MINOW Leadership - Margaret/AE7MB Secretary/Treasurer; Vanessa/KE7UBB President; and Marilyn/AF7MM Vice-President

If you know any women interested in getting their Tech license, have them contact Barbara at This class is taught by women for women. Most sessions will be held at the Ridgefield LDS meetinghouse at 21720 NE 29th Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642. For information on the schedule and location for YL Technician Classes, click here.

MINOWs is a group for YLs that live in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon or Washington (hence the name!). We have one Echolink net on Thursday night and one HF net on Friday Morning. To learn more, visit the Minow Net website at

The MINOWs annual meeting for 2021 will be held Saturday May 1, 2021. We are assuming it will be on Zoom again as it was for 2020. The Zoom meeting was really fun. We had many of the Minows on that normally can’t make it to the meetings and we ended up staying on longer than the meeting. I guess with COVID just starting we needed time to see each other face to face. More information will be given on the 2021 meeting by the end of February. But if you need to, contact Vanessa at if you have any questions.

YLRL International President and Vice President
Vice-President Rita McConnel/NE0DB - President Barbara Yasson/AC7UH

For more information on local YL activities, contact us at
For information on the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) program, click here.

"YL" Nets

Thursday Evening, 7:30 PM, on Echolink Node 286905
Friday Morning, 8:30 AM, 3812.0 KHz

Two Rivers YL Net
Wednesday evening, 8:30 PM, 147.24+ (PL94.8)

Monday, 1800 UTC, 28433.0 KHz
Wednesday, 1800 UTC, 14288.0 KHz
Thursday, 1800 UTC, 14298.0 KHz
Thursday, 5:00 PM, Echolink Node 286905
Thursday, 6:00 PM, 14288.0 KHz or 7198.0 KHz

What is an Elmer?

The term "Elmer" is very synonymous  with the terms ‘teacher, mentor, tutor, guide, helper, or sage’ but with a history.

Elmer means someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be and current hams. The term first appeared in QST in a March 1971 "How's DX" column by Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (now also VA3ZBB). Newkirk called them "the unsung fathers of Amateur Radio." While he probably was not trying to coin a term at the time, here's how Newkirk introduced "Elmer" in his column and, as it turned out, to the rest of the Amateur Radio world.

If you wish to contact an Elmer, send an email to or call the club hotline at  360-989-9268 and we’ll have an Elmer contact you! To volunteer to become an Elmer in any of the subjects listed below or for any other ham radio related subject not listed below, contact Dave/WZ8T at

Antennas & Towers

Al Lewey, K7ABL
David Cherba, WZ8T


Rick Smith, KT7G


Bernd Peters, KB7AK

Beginning Contesting

Tim Kuhlman, KD7RUS

BSA Radio Merit Badge

* Indicates a BSA registered Merit Badge Counselor
Click here for online Radio Merit Badge requirements course

Toby Clairmont, KH7FR

Computers & Radios

Tom Barton, WB7TZD
Jeff Langford, KJ7VDP


Al Lewey, K7ABL
David Cherba, WZ8T

CW (Morse Code)

Bernd Peters, KB7AK


David Feldman, W7NCX 


David Cherba, WZ8T


Al Rovner, K7AR

Disabled Operators

Don Mitchell, N7ETR


Tom Barton, WB7TZD

Equipment Evaluation  & Selection

Dave Phemister, WB7ESV
Tom Barton, WB7TZD

First Station Setup

Tim Kuhlman, KD7RUS

FT-8 Mode

Rick Smith, KT7G
Bernd Peters, KB7AK


Bernd Peters, KB7AK


Dave Phemister, WB7ESV

Ham Shack Set Up

Dave Phemister,WB7ESV
Al Lewey, K7ABL


Tom Barton, WB7TZD

License Renewals & Vanity Calls

Wayne Schuler, AI9Q

Mobile Radio

Dave Phemister, WB7ESV

Traffic Handling

Lynn Moore, KA7CTT

Operating on 2-Meters

Rick Aragon, NE7O
Jeff Langford, KJ7VDP

Power supplies, Batteries, and Chargers

Reese Carpenter, KJ7EKA

PACKET Installation and Operation

Gary Takis, K7GJT
Marc Chamberlin, WA7PXW

QSL Bureau or Direct

Al Lewey, K7ABL


Gary Hardiman, N7HAR

Nuts & Bolts

Dave Phemister, WB7ESV
Al Lewey, K7ABL


Jason Dinsmore, K7BPM

Soundcard Modes

Rick Smith, KT7G
Dave Cherba, WZ8T

Station Logs

Bernd Peters, KB7AK


David Cherba, WZ8T
Jeff Langford, KJ7VDP

VHF/UHF Century Award (VUCC)

Al Rovner, K7AR

'Wallpaper' Chasing and
Special Event Certificates

Bernd Peters, KB7AK

Winlink System

David Cherba, WZ8T

Worked All Counties (WAC)

Phil Yasson, AB7RW

Worked All States (WAS)

Bernd Peters, KB7AK

CQ Prefix Award (WPX)

Bernd Peters, KB7AK

Who Are We?


"EYEWARN" is the registered trademark of the EYEWARN program and is sponsored in Clark County by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Vancouver, WA USA

There are over 2000 amateur radio operators in Clark County Washington.  About 100 belong to the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES/RACES) group.  In a disaster, that would leave potentially 1900 Radio operators available to provide visual (eyes on the ground) reporting in areas where damages or injuries have occurred.  Thus helping save lives and protect property.

EYEWARN is a group of trained amateur radio volunteers, providing disaster reporting services for those Radio operators that choose to report damages or injuries. Click here to go to the EYEWARN website.

We report what we see... from where we are.